VK.Sasikala ஆவேசம் – O.Panneerselvam கட்சியின் அடிமட்ட தொண்டர் பட்டியலிலிருந்து நீக்குவேன்

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Breaking news :

Our Tamilnadu CM OPS recently gave his resignation letter to the governor few days back. At this time our honorable Chief Minister has came to Dr J.Jayalalitha’s square yesterday and He silently meditate there nearly 40minutes after he came to the media and told that he is forced to resign the CM post with VK.Sasikala also continuously he gets more irritate after that he conclude that he decided to meet the MLA election to elect the original CM for Tamilnadu.

Regarding this activities of O.Panneerselvam, VK.Sasikala has said opposite party behind this activities and drive O.Panneerselvam to dominate VK.Sasikala.

Behalf of this O.Panneerselvam has been getting more support with the Tamilnadu general public and Already he has two MLA in his side. If there will be MLA election to elect the permanent CM OPS expected to get majority and Continued serving as CM of Tamilnadu. Lest wait for the MLA election.

VK.Sasikala ஆவேசம் – OPSஐ கட்சியின் அடிமட்ட தொண்டர் பட்டியலிலிருந்து நீக்குவேன் :

Jayalalitha’s death secrete :

Media were asking to CM O.Panneerselvam today morning from his home that secrete behind of Former Tamilnadu CM Dr.J.Jayalalitha’s death and He said that it has to be investigate from top to bottom and Will be releasing the original report to the public as soon as possible.

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