sunnnyleone openly talks about her success through her insults

We all know about Bollywood stunning actress Sunnyleone. She has started her career from the pornographic movies and She becomes more popular all over the world now. She has more than 7crores of fans around the world.

When she started her pornographic film making she was treated as a normal girl and even camera man or normal works too doesn’t give her a proper respect. She felt more annoyed with this response from the crew members but she doesn’t tell anything and continued her work in the same pornographic industries and kept on continuing her project which leads to increase of her fans in numbers and became more popular in that industries. Due to her fame, More film directors wanted to get her into the Bollywood film industry and she also accepted their invitation. Not only Bollywood but also all the other woods expected her to involve Sunnyleone participation in their projects. Now this is Sunnyleone time and she begins to take revenge over all the crew members and directors by giving more conditions and regulations in their movies. As crew members and workers treated her in irrespective manner in her early days, she is doing as told before. Apart from that She told that she is basically a soft and cool person in normal life.

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