Actress Sridevi’s death is suspected. She didn’t die by heart attack ???

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According to forensic report, actress Sridevi has died in a bathtub when she died of a heart attack. The report also revealed that there was a trace of alcohol in his body.His family said that she had died last Saturday night when she went to his family relative’s wedding ceremony in Dubai.

Actress SriDevi death is suspected

According to the Gulf News report, the forensic report of the body of actress Sridevi was released to his family and the Indian Embassy. There seems to be a delay in bringing Sridevi’s body to India. His final anatomical report is yet to conclude that it is only after the release of the results of toxic tests. The final reports are expected to reveal a link to the forensic report that has been said to have been first heart attack and is now dead in sinking.


The Dubai police posted on Twitter said that she was drowned in a bathtub after he fell into a room in the room where Sridevi stayed.
Twitter Link : @DubaiPoliceHQ

Dubai forensic Certificate photo copy

dubai forensic certificate on sridevi death