Rajinikanth came to Mumbai today to attend SriDevi’s funeral

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Rajinikanth arrives in Chennai last night to take part in Sridevi’s funeral. Sridevi went with her husband Bonnie Kapoor and daughter Kushi to attend the wedding in Dubai. There was a sudden heart attack. His life was split there.

Rajinikanth and Kamal have made a separate news and interviews that the deaths of Sridevi in ​​the early days with Rajini and Kamal in more than 40 films can not be compensated. Sri Devi’s body is being brought to Mumbai from Dubai this morning for the funeral. Emblaming has been done to prevent his body from being damaged.

 Actor Rajinikanth arrived in Mumbai today to pay homage to Sridevi’s body. Rajini has come to Mumbai where actress Sridevi’s body is being held in Mumbai today. It is reported that the funeral will be held at Sridevi’s residence in Mumbai today. From 9 am to 11.30 pm, the body has been arranged to pay tribute to Sridevi.