SBI Bank new rules from 1st April 2017

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1. Minimum 3 times deposit free in your account, After more then 3 times deposit you will pay 50/- per deposit.

2. Minimum 5000/- balance maintain in metro city branch account holder.
3. Minimum 3000/- balance maintain in city/town branch account holder
4. Minimum 2000/- balance maintain in semi urban area branch account holder.
5. Minimum 1000/- balance maintain in villages branch account holder
6. If you not maintain minimum amount in your account you will pay up to 200/- + extra surcharge.(depending on how many days)
7. SBI ATM free for 5 times use, after 5 times you will pay 10/- per transactions.
8. Other bank ATM free for 3 times use, after 3 times you will pay 20/- per transactions.
9. Unlimited SBI ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account.
10. Unlimited SBI & OTHER BANK ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 100000/- in your SBI savings account
11. 15/- SMS charge you will pay after 3 months, (SMS charge free, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account)

Let the banks also experience the public power. They are thieves. Imagine . To withdraw your own money you have to pay service charge to the Bank and you pay Service Tax on the Service Charge to the Govt.

To this end April 06, 2017 will be a no transaction day with banks. If they don’t rollback. Let’s plan April 24,25,26, 2017 as no transaction days. We will continue this until there is no roll back on service charges .

Keep spreading this message every 5 days to all ur FB , mails and W App contacts.

It is difficult but not impossible otherwise banks will go on adding various new charges now and then. RBI Governer is a puppet and has no control nor understands the economics.

This protest is for our benefit to control banks to adding new charges.

Let’s come together and show the

Banks have started to increase transaction fee!

Service tax has gone up big time and will increase even more!

We were taxed for earning money.
We are taxed for spending money.
We were taxed for hoarding money.
We are taxed for withdrawing money.
We are taxed for depositing money.
We are taxed for service money
We are taxed (cess)for education
We are taxed for Swatch Bharat
We are taxed for purchase
We are taxed for sales
We are taxed for manufacturing
We are taxed for public Utility
Earning is a crime.
Saving is a crime.
Spending is a crime.
Donating to Political Parties is the only good act.


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