Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen | Movie Review | Official Trailer | Udhayanidhi Stalin, Regina, Srushti – Directed by Ezhil

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Story Plot : 

Well, anything in the movie that is relevant to the title above is measured less than 10% (being quite diplomatic here, ideally the zero shouldn’t be considered in that figure) of the title itself. Saravanan is an amalgamation of the stereotypical Udhayanidhi Stalin’ish hero sketches (barring Manithan) that has almost become extinct from Tamil Cinema Industry.

The movie begins where three irrelevant tracks merge into one point and thereby makes absolutely no sense as how it was separately. Thirty minutes into the movie, you find a horror track peeping in and you all of a sudden become a little hopeful (Yeah, that little hope you gained after seeing Manithan) only to realize that the movie worsens even further.

SIB is all about an aimless, happy-go- lucky hero, who shares several moments of silly fights and fist- fights with his uncle’s daughter during childhood and adolescence. Years later he happens to meet her and falls head over heels in love after getting a chance to ogle at her ripened beauty (yeah you read that right, that’s just as shoddy as it sounds) in reality as well as in a dream song. How he manages to win over her and enter into wedlock makes the rest of the movie.

Review : 

In order to help and trouble the hero in accomplishing his mission, the director brings in a cast of comedians, a ghost who has an one-sided interest in the hero, item dancers and a battalion of performers (needless to say, everyone is characterized dumb).

Out of the many, Yogi Babu delivers a decent show and helps us to somehow stay put throughout the movie. On the contrary, Soori should probably pay, at least, one-fourth of the attention he pays in doing a different make-over in delivering what we expect as humor. Neither does his portion invoke humor nor does it go with the flow of the movie.

Regina comes as a glam doll and overdoes the character given. Srushti delivers a below par performance. Udhayanidhi, just like Soori, has paid extreme attention in matching his vest to the dominant color of his multi-colored shirt and when it comes to his characterization, it is as colorless and tasteless as Bagasse. Of course we do not expect great performances from the cast, but should the audience be so taken for granted is the ultimate question.

A couple of passable songs, and a mediocre cinematography and plain editing bind SIB as a movie. Yet, it fails to hold the interest of the audience.

Ratting : 

Cinibook ratting of this movie : 1.8* / 5*

Movie cast & crew :

Directed by Ezhil
Produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin
Written by Ezhil
Starring Udhayanidhi Stalin
Regina Cassandra
Srushti Dange
Music by D. Imman
Cinematography K. G. Venkatesh
Edited by K. Anand Lingakumar
Red Giant Movies
Release date

April 2017[1]

Country India
Language Tamil

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