Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae | Movie Review | Official Trailer | Starring – Jiiva, Soori, Sri Divya | Directed by Ike | Produced by Atlee

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Tamil Talkies – Review :

Story Plot :

Jiiva, a typical middle-class guy, dreams of owning a house (a Bungalow-type); in order to ensure that his dream is fulfilled at a minimum cost, he spots a bungalow, spreads rumours that the bungalow is full of ‘ghosts’ and purchases it at a throw-away price. Just when he celebrates that his life-time dream has been fulfilled and goes to Tirupathi with mother (Raadhika) and friend (Soori), Thambi Ramaiah’s family threatens him stating that the bungalow belonged to them.

This ‘forces’ Jiiva to ‘let out’ his ghost-stories about the bungalow. To their horror, Jiiva and Soori find out that the bungalow actually has many ‘real’ ghosts in it. In the meantime, Ramaiah’s daughter Sri Divya falls in love with Jiiva; how the latter manages to ward off the ‘ghost’ threat and marries Sri Divya form the rest of the story.

An abandoned bungalow, a huge crowd inside the building, etc. is a ‘perfect’ backdrop to make a horror film and direct or Ike has tried his best to make the most out of it. However, haven’t we seen this earlier in many films of late. Each and every sequence in the film unfold as per the audience’s imagination as they have seen them time and again and are subjected to the same thing all over again!

Debutant director Ike has made a sincere attempt to present a mixture of horror and comedy but has limited options before him as sequences lack novelty in them. The script is neither an ultra-thriller not a romantic-based one and is caught in between. Devadarshini and national award-winning actor Thambi Ramaiah’s comic sequences are full of humour of the ‘vulgarish’ kind which irritate the audiences.

Review :

Jiiva’s Annamalai take-off is lovable indeed; though the script and screenplay are stale, the audiences seem to love the comic portions thanks to Soori’s presence. Moreover, the film conveys a message of ‘family bonding’ and unity not though in a forceful manner. Ike misses a trick in adding spice to the screenplay using Jiiva’s techniques to threaten others to make them believe that it ‘s a ‘booth-bungalow’. Romantic sequences too lack the usual flair.

Jiiva breezes through the character with characteristic ease but this is not something new to him. Sri Divya looks pretty but does nothing of note. Soori, Thambi Ramaiah and Devadarshini try their best to tickle the audiences’ funny bones and succeed to some extent. Brother-sister in real life, Raadhika and Radha Ravi have done their respective parts very well.

Vishal Chandrashekhar’s music is good and a couple of songs are well-composed. For a horror film, the background music should have been more scary. Suresh’s editing lacks the finesse while Sooryan’s cinematography is certainly one of the film’s huge plusses.

Ratting :

Cinibook ratting : 2.4* / 5*

Movie cast & crew :

Directed by Ike
Produced by Atlee
Written by Ike
Starring Jiiva, Soori
Sri Divya
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography Sathyan Sooryan
Edited by T. S. Suresh
A for Apple Production
Distributed by Fox Star Studios
Release date

May 2017

Country India
Language Tamil

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