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Story plot : 

Power Paandi is a retired Stune master living with his son Raghavan(Prasanna), daughter-in-law and their two children Dhruv and Shaksha. Power Paandi had great respect on society, but his son treat him like a scorn. Raghavan upsets when his father tries to watch TV and he increase volume while sleeping. In mean while he beats drug gang leads to police case. Raghavan scolds him, then Paandi decides to soul searching trip on bike which leads him to his first love Ravathi, a grandmother living in Hyderabad. In this film Dhanush roled in younger version of Power Paandi and Madonna sabastian plays as younger Revathi.

Rajkiran plays Paandian Pazhanisam (Power Paandi), a stunt master, and Prasanna will be seen as his son named Raghavan, a software engineer. Chaya Singh plays his wife in the flick that is all about how we treat our parents. The crux of the story is very relatable. Power Paandi is about the outcome of embracing love, peace and positivity around us. The films attempts to showcase how the changing times impact a father-son relationship and tries to tell that they both can coexist in love.

Review :

Pa Paandi is packed with realistic emotions, drama that could relate to everyone life. You can travel with the film, Dhanush come with engaging film. Raj Kirin, Revathy, Dhanush realistic performances and core plot executed well. Best film to watch this weekend.

Raj Kirin lifted the film in his shoulders, he excels in each frame. Especially in Action scenes or becoming child while playing with his grandchildren. As per special appearances Divya Darshani done justice to her character. Velraj cinematography is plus point for film. Dhanush packed Pa Paandi Movie with tight screenplay with engaging content.

Rating :

Cinibook ratting about this movie is : 3* / 5*

Movie cast & crew : 

Directed by
  • Dhanush
Produced by Dhanush
Written by Dhanush
Subramaniam Siva
Starring Rajkiran
Music by Sean Roldan
Cinematography Velraj
Edited by Prasanna GK
Wunderbar Films
Distributed by K Productions
Release date

14 April 2017

Country India
Language Tamil

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