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Action King Arjun 150th film “Nibunan” 

Arjun as “Ranjith Kalidoss” a Deputy Superintendent of Police

Varalaxmi as “Vanthana” a Detective Officer

Prasanna as “Joseph a Detective Officer

Vaibhav as a brother of Arjun

Story Plot :

Its a full length crime thriller story. At the beginning there was an unknown bag placed in Ranjith Kalidoss office a police man has found that bag and alerted to the bomb squad but there is no bomb into that bag instead of there was an small toy spread with blood also its head covered with goat mask there is no clue that who sent that bag. finally found that the unknown bag has been sent from the serial killer.

A serial killer killing Political leader, Doctor, Lawyer & so on., We already know that every serial killer killing somebody with some short of motive in their mind same thing happens here too. but the serial killer has killed those guys with some kind of identity so after killed each the killer write 4 digit numbers in the dead bodies and Shoot those dead bodies 4, 3, 2  shots in the heart also the killer not just killed but torture a-lot before killing. Finally hanged bodies the head covered with some kind of animal(Bull, Lion, etc., ) mask. On this crisis Ranjith(DSP) has appointed to investigate this case and need to identify and catch the killer like wise the movie goes on. Ranjith, Joseph & Vanthana has showing their intelligence to stop killing and catch the accused. In the meanwhile DSP Ranjith has Parkinson disease regarding the disease what are all the problem he facing when catching the killer. There was an interesting thing in the climax when introducing the killer. You can watch it from the theater it was some secrete behind the movie.

Review : 

Arjun, Prasanna & Varalaxmi are the key role in the movie and They have done their part completely. based on the story its just okay not seems any new way of script this the way we watched every crime thriller movies. Navin has did music for this movie his background score was good but song not as much as good. There was a single song in this movie but it wasn’t matched with the story even don’t want any song for this type of stories. First half moving more interesting whereas second half little slow to reach the climax. There is no need of Vaibhav if we remove vaibhav there were no change in the story like wise Shruthi Hariharan also not used more.

Ratting : 

Cinibook ratting : 2.6* / 5*

Nibunan Tamil Review Video:

Movie cast and crew :

Directed by Arun Vaidyanathan
Produced by Sudhan Sundaram
Arun Vaidyanathan
Written by Arun Vaidyanathan
(Tamil Dialogues)
Balaji Nag
(Kannada Dialogues)
Screenplay by Anand Raghav
Arun Vaidyanathan
Story by Arun Vaidyanathan
Starring Arjun Sarja
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Sruthi Hariharan
Music by S. Navin
Cinematography Arvind Krishna
Edited by Sathish Suriya
Passion Film Factory
Distributed by I Studios Entertainment
Release date

28 July 2017

Country India
Language Tamil

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