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Kadugu is a much-needed comeback for Vijay Milton’s desire to be in the director’s queue.  It’s a soft story with a strong message, and as from the audience point of view, Kadugu needs to be applauded for the way the message has been displayed. It is definitely a gamble when it comes to casting and Vijay Milton after his gritty drama Goli Soda has put in the right tempo to match his ability as a director.

Story :

In this film, we can see Bharath as Nambi, Rajakumaran as Puli Paandi, Radhika Prasitha as a teacher with a past, Bharat Seeni as Anirudh, Subiksha as Anirudh’s love interest and A Venkatesh as a police inspector.

The movie tells the story of how an ordinary man fights for justice after a political personality molests a 14-year girl at an event. ‘Kadugu’ starts off by introducing Puli Paandi an exponent of the ancient artist pulivesham who is reduced to being an unofficial aide of the local police inspector. When the officer is transferred to Tarangambadi, Paandi too accompanies him where he befriends another misfit Anirudh.

Nambi is an influential boxer who also has political aspirations and his path of budding name in politics, crosses with Paandi when he uses him as a punching bag. Anirudh is in love with a rich girl and every ploy he attempts to woo the girl makes her believe that it is Nambi who is after her and she falls for him.

There is also a kind teacher with a past who carries on an anonymous relationship with Puli Paandi via facebook. A horrific incident pits Puli Paandi against Nambi, the challenge before Nambi is to stand by the victim or with the politician, who will be crucial for his growth in the party. And this leads to a riveting climax in which the real hero of the story emerges, What follows next is the best part of the film.

Review : 

A Powerful movie about how good ppl ignore injustice happening to others in-front of them and the consequences of inaction! Vijay Milton has delivered in-your-face movie about injustice happening around us.

Bharath is very natural and convincing in his performance. After Kutram Kadithal, another neat performance from Radhika Prasidhha. Rajakumaran is aptly cast as the underdog and he proves naysayers wrong by delivering a strong and impactful performance. Background score by Anoop Seelin is a major asset to the movie.

Ratting :

Cinibook ratting about this movie is : 2.7 / 3

Movie cast & crew :

Directed by Vijay Milton
Produced by Suriya (Presenter)
Bharath Seeni
Vijay Milton
Written by Vijay Milton
Starring Bharath
Bharath Seeni
Radhika Prasidhha
Music by songs: S. N. Arunagiri
Score: Anoop Seelin
Cinematography Vijay Milton
Edited by J.R. John Abraham
Rough Note
Distributed by 2D Entertainment
Release date
24 March 2017
Country India
Language Tamil

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