Kadamban | Movie Review | Trailer | Arya Catherine Tresa

Story plot : 

Film making is an art and if the art is plagiarized, the result wouldn’t be upto the mark. Director Ragava who with Arya as the lead could have thought of a well written script instead of directly copying Vijay starrer “Kaththi”. The only difference being that “Kaththi” had the hero in a dual role while “Kadamban” decides to go with a solo protagonist.

The storyline is about a group of villagers leading a content life in the midst of a lush green forest when a corporate decides to suck the rich remains of the soil which would mean that the villagers need to displace from their habitat. It is Kadamban (Arya) who leads the villagers against the corporate from achieving their goals.

Review : 

The story isn’t new nor is the screenplay. The first half takes ages to draw to a close inspite of being only 70 minutes long. The second half also doesn’t help things with a slow pace that would wane off any interest left in the film.

Arya flexes his toned muscles while Catherine Teressa who plays the female lead doesn’t have any scope for acting nor for glamour. Deepraj Rana plays the antagonist and he too lacks the venom required for the role. Super Subbarayan and Y Gee Mahendran play guest roles in this film which is supposed to carry a social message to the masses. With a wafer thin storyline and a weak screenplay, this “Kadamban” which has a running time of 135 minutes fails to entertain and is a weak player at this week’s box-office race. The only good thing about this film are the picteresque locales shot asthetically and the CGI which is done to perfection.

Ratting :

Ratting for this move is : 2.4* / 5*

Moive cast and crew :

Directed by Ragava
Produced by R. B. Choudary
Written by Ragava
Starring Arya
Catherine Tresa
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography S. R. Sathish Kumar
Edited by Deva
Super Good Films
Distributed by The Show People
Release date
Country India
Language Tamil

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