Ippadai Vellum – Movie Review – Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan Gaurav Narayanan D. Imman

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Ippadai Vellum justifies from the very first frame that a commercial flick if appropriately made with the right intentions can make the audiences think. The script has been showcased in an accessible format to make the entire film entertaining, and that’s where Gaurav Narayanan as a director becomes a safe bet. As in his previous outings, Ippadai Vellum is also based on a middle-class individual who works hard to prove himself as a standout hero. From being a common man who we witness in our day to day life, the transformation is portrayed with real situations. The characters are real and Ippadai Vellum should gel with the audience for not being cinematic to the core.

Udhaynidhi Stalin has improved in this film, and it’s one convincing truth. The director has come up with an apt script to feed the star’s appetite. A simple middle class person works in a software firm loses his job in reassessment, suffers from his loan commitments and eventually takes a loan from a local financier Ravi Mariya. On a parallel story, Soori as a dubbing artist is also linked with the same financier for his family commitments. Daniel Balaji, a terrorist who escapes from a prison, plans and executes bomb blast in some of the cities across the country. As he meets Soori and Udhay in different situations on his way to Chennai, it lays the foundations for the script.

Soori has been in-form with his comedy, and here he travels with Udhay throughout the script with an emotional core as well. There are some logical misses here and there but the writing has been conveyed at with exciting twists without letting the audience to investigate much.

RK Suresh well supports Manjima Mohan, who pairs with Udhay and her role has been sketched well. There are too many supporting actors in the film, but each character had the time to play their part as the script required. The screenplay is once again the key, Ippadai Vellum is nothing new to Tamil cinema but it had some compelling factors that kept the run-time unusual. The first half was very interesting and the second half had some lags. With the knot untied in the interval block, there wasn’t much to expect from the second half and it turned out be predictable.

On the technical front, Cinematographer Richard M Nathan deserves a special mention for his exemplary frames. Dhilip’s stunts wasn’t a overdo for Udhay, Praveen KL’s cuts are crisp, and Composer Imman has perfectly justified with his music for the movie’s genre.

Overall Ippadai Vellum, as the title suggests, was not an individual show. The racy screenplay, emotional elements and the participation of the entire cast make it a smart thriller for the weekend.


CiniBook ratting : 2.7*/5*

Movie cast and crew

Directed by Gaurav Narayanan
Produced by A. Subaskaran
Written by Gaurav Narayanan
Starring Udhayanidhi Stalin
Manjima Mohan
Music by D. Imman
Cinematography Richard M. Nathan
Edited by Praveen K L
Lyca Productions
Distributed by Red Giant Movies
Release date
9 November 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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