How to Talk About Your Daily Routine

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  1. I getup 6O’clock in the morning

  2. Then I refresh myself

  3. After that I have my morning coffee

  4. Then i take a bath

  5. Then have my breakfast

  6. I leave home arround 8:30

  7. Then I take a bus

  8. I reach my office around 9O’Clock

  9. Then i have my lunch around 1O’Clock

  10. I come back home around 4.30PM

  11. Then I refresh myself

  12. After that i have some snacks.

  13. Then I laz around for sometimes.

  14. I have my supper around 8:30

  15. I watch TV till 10’O’Clock.

  16. Then I go to bed around 10:30.

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