Mersal and Kaala Shoot stopped cause of FEFSI strike

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Mersal and Kaala Shoot stopped cause of FEFSI strike  FEFSI (Film Employees Federation of South India) :   Rajinikanth “Kaala”, Vijay’s “Mersal” and more than 35 movie shootings are stopped due to the strike of the FEFSI workers. because of the conflicts over the Tamil cinema producers association and FEFSI workers. This problem has been from long term one and There is a huge problem to join hands in-between these two association.

Currently producer association has got the rights from high court to proceeds their shooting without involving the FEFSI employee for this rule producers are continued their work by other employees. FEFSI association started strike based the high court and they are asking to compansate their needs as well as they arguing to remove the employee who are not in FEFSI member. Producers associations peoples has said their problem that this strike and they have lost a alot of money of this strick. Lets see what will be happen…

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