The biggest secrete behind banning of Jallikattu

The biggest secrete behind banning of Jallikattu

Jersey cows that landed at chennai
Bulls : 60 bulls in separate aeroplane
From : Denmark
To: Chennai Meenambakkam airport
Aeroplane : Separate A330
Arrived at : 7.00 p.m

Drinking A1 milk causes diabetes & etc.. Drinking A2 milk doesn’t give diabetes and other diseases. Moreover our native bulls worth more than 1 crore has been exported to Brazil and have been breaded. So that they Will get patent for A2 milk. In Chennai near Redhill(allamadi) there is a project going on in the name of  NDDB our central government taking care this. In this they import Jessy bulls from Denmark take the sperm inject to local cows still now they imported 65 bulls.

This is d main reason for Jallikattu ban. So that no one here will have our bulls as pets n A2 milk Will not be here. This message shared by my a man who works in air cargo.

Share this link to everyone so that they can aware what’s going on the back-end

Tamil peoples are awaken this year and gathering all together to show their unity against the ban of Jallikattu. This shows every people who are lived in Tamilnadu as Tamilan. The people who haven’t support Jallikattu leave those they will not support our Tamil tradition. They must be go out from Tamilnadu.

Lathicharge happens to the people who are gathered against the PETA rule.


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