Lamborghini Video Song – Jai Mummy Di – Sunny S Sonnalli S

Presenting the much awaited LAMBORGHINI video song, from the upcoming bollywood movie “Jai Mummy Di”. Let the party season begin! The foot-tapping number composed by Meet Bros is a traditional folk tune, sung by the talented Neha Kakkar & Jassie Gill and penned by Kumaar. The film starring Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Supriya Pathak & Poonam Dhillon, directed by Navjot Gulati releases on 17th January 2020

Song– Lamborghini
Music-Meet Bros
Singers– Meet Bros Ft. Neha Kakkar & Jassie Gill
Lyrics– Kumaar
Programmed By – Aditya Dev
Additional Programming – Aishwary Tripathi
Original Composition Traditional Folk
Chief Music Assistant & Music Production Head – Uddipan Sharma
Music Assistant– Saheb Khan, Piyush Mehroliyaa, Monis Ahmed, Harry
Song Recorded By– Gautam Chakrabortty & Uddipan Sharma @ Meet Bros
Recording Studio& Surajit Ghosh Majumdar @ Tseries Studio
Mixed And Mastered By- Gautam Chakrabortty @Meet Bros Recording Studio
Production Managed By– Suraj Kumar , Ruchir Saxena
Mb Management– Shaju Ignatius & Mitasha Paintal
Music Label – T-Series

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  1. Williamrap says:

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    Stephanie gratefuly takes the offered joint and takes a long drag. She holds the smoke in for a bit, The exhales by having a sigh. “which is the ticket, she says quietly. “Cat footage and porn, Stephanie reminds Sierra by having a smirk. She takes another hit, Then turns to Koga while offering him to partake. “should, states with a shrug. “A little green’s gonna make this whole thing go a lot quicker, we can tell.

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